Monday, March 4, 2013

One Zentangle a Day - Day 21: Half Way

Good day, everyone.

Today is the half-way point in this book.  It is also the end of a chapter.  I've peeked ahead and am very excited about what's coming up:  color!  Today our assignment was to use two of my favorite tangles: Betweed and Rick's Paradox.  i learned both of these at my CZT training.  I wonder if that is why I like them so much.  Despite this, my tile today is nothing to write home about.  


This is Danette Pratt's contribution:

IMG 20130301 072228 1 Clip

From Marty Deckel:
Here are 2 tiles for OZAD-21.  One regular tile and one Sepia tile.  The tangle patterns for this lesson are Rick's Paradox, Betweed and Betweed variaton.  I really enjoyed doing both of these tiles today, because I really LOVE the tangle patterns!  Betweed was the first one I ever did almost a year ago, when a friend told me about Zentangle, and I visited the site...I was hooked immediately and I haven't stopped since!!!  So I am very partial to Betweed!!
Day  21 OZADDay  21b OZAD
Made me realize I forgot to do the sepia part.  Oh, well.  I've used it before, but not quite so beautifully.
From Angela Werner:
Lesson 21- Repetition Creating Transformation - Plus. use Rick's Paradox and B'tweed-I started the lesson thinking I would do Rick's Paradox in the center of the tile, surrounded by B'tweed.  I changed course very early on and it's like the tile created itself... It was a lesson without angst. I love both of these tangles. They are both so versatile and each can be quite beautiful. Lesson 21078
I love it when the tile "creates itself."  That is exactly what has been missing from my tangling as I've been working through this book.  I hope it comes back. I'm not nearly as happy when I have to think so hard.  I didn't stress so much about making the illustrations for my book!
From Maria Vennekens:

Happy Monday it is here. After a long period of bad weather it seems as if spring has started today.  I will join the birds to work in my garden after sending you the 21 contribution.

21: I combined the two suggestions  in one. I used a sepia micron and a brown pencil to do this. There was a rest of black pencil in the stump but that did not disturb me. Today I am rather satisfied with the result and it was fun to do.


IMG 8217

It seems to have finally turned to spring today also.  I hope it stays this way.  Really love the shading on Maria's Paradox.

Happy tangling!  See you tomorrow.

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