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One Zentangle a Day - Day 20 and More

Hello everyone! TGIF.  I need a break.

It seems that I am always running in "catch-up mode."  It would help me so much if you would please use the term OZAD in any mail you send me about this book club.  Posts are easy to overlook if I can't search for OZAD when I am composing posts.  Rather than writing and editing multiple posts, I am going to just give you all of the various collected artwork before moving on to Day 20.

First, I would like to welcome a new member to the virtual book club: Danette Pratt.  Danette is another Ohio artist.  You can find her creations at  Here is some of the art she sent for the club.

So glad that you are doing this book review tangle along. And, I can be apart of it! Much more fun doing tangles with others.
I might mention that Day 16 was rather awkward for me....not sure why things just did not want to 'fit' or go together.
I had to do a second one with a different string, it worked a little better but i am still not very pleased.
Day 17 I liked very much.
Day 18, well...I think the tangles were ok..but I think I was having a day!
I might have to give this one another chance.
Class w CL 1Class w CL 2Day 16 1
Day 16 2
(This one iw my favorite.  Live the thick peppers.  Mmm. And I love all of the orbs she used.  Sweet.)
Day 17 dp
Day 18 dp
Day 19:
IMG 20130301 070450 1 1 Black

I like her style.  Looking forward to seeing more of it.


Here are a few more from Maria Vennekens:

Day 18: These were fun to do. I use al these pattern regularly. Also in tageleations but in this space in my calendar I stayed with the original pattern. I did not work with the journal suggestions on the right page. As I mentioned before, I never do jounaling on purpose wth Zentangle. Some tiles just remind me of certain things that happened when I made them. Also the two examples on page 63 go too far away from zentangle in my opinion. This looks more like drawing and not like pattern making in my eyes.


IMG 8209

19A: Dewdrops! This is difficult….. I tried two. The one in the rain pattern is hardly to be seen. Looks more like a mistake in the drawing. I like the other one a little bit more but I have seen them better with others. I would appreciate if someone who is good in making dewdrops, could put an illustrated  tutorial online. Questions are: - does it need a micron outline or would a pencil line be better – do you just draw the pattern inside the drop a little bigger or does it need more- which patterns work with dewdrop and which do not – and…...

IMG 8215

Day 20: Curvy and Linear Organic Patterns Combined

The tangle patterns for today are Jetties, 'Nzeppel, and Sampson.  Love 'nzeppel and have never used Sampson.  After attempting to use it,  I know why I never use it.  I think the problem I am having with this book is forcing the given tangles instead of my usual method of figuring out which tangles would fit best in a given area of the string.


Ugh.  Not so good.  I was in a hurry and didn't even get around to shading it.  Maybe that would improve it, but in this case, I'm not so sure.

From Maria V:

Had very much fun with this one. Nzeppel is one of my favorites – the version of the pattern as  it is presented here,  and also the more loose tangeleation which looks like a flagstone wall or footpath. In ‘my’ seminar (#3) it was presented and named by Jane Harrington as Rocker. She found the pattern as we were sent out  to find patterns in and around the beautiful Oakhurst building in Whitinsville.

IMG 8211

From Angela Werner:

I enjoyed every minute of creating this tile. "Sampson" is my new friend but not as a boxy square… Mine is going to branch out. Jetties and "Nzeppel" are old favorites! I have discovered that I like having MOTION in my tiles and I like something to be in a precarious state. I just think that's interesting. This was lots of fun but I was surprised that it was puzzling to decide how to shade "Nzeppel" this particular time. I don't think I have ever shadedthe background of this tangle before. What is your favorite way of shading "Nzeppel", Cris?
Lesson 20077



I love Angela's branching out Sampson.  I need to try it that way.  As for my favorite way to shade 'nzeppel.  That is tough.  If you look in my book, you will see a bunch of different ways I like to shade it.  It depends on what else is in the tile I think.

From Marty Deckel:

I totally enjoyed 'Nzeppel, and just love Jetties, but combining them with Sampson was a challenge for I did a variation of Sampson that seems to have helped it to fit into the tile better.   I did not do the colored paper part of the assignment yet, will have to get some colored paper and give it a try.  It looks interesting!

Day  20 OZAD

From Sharon Matys:

I just did the tile with the 3 new tangles. The zia's on bold colors looked interesting, but I don't have time to venture into that. Reading the chapter, practicing the tangles in my sketchbook & executing the tile takes at least an hour a nite. That's about all the time I can devote to Zentangle.

But I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's ZIAs.


Well, Sharon, it seems that nobody had time to get to the ZIA assignment.  Maybe over the weekend someone will have something to share.  I love your tile, especially the pile of Jetties.

Well, after seeing everyone else's Sampson, I needed to try again.  Last night, Birdie and I had American Idol on, and instead of watching the guys sing, I just listened and tangled.  I like these much better than the first one.  



Don't forget, anyone is welcome to join us at any time.  Just email me your pictures and commentary and be sure to put OZAD in the subject.  Looking forward to seeing what we all come up with next week.  Have a great weekend everybody.



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