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One Zentangle a Day - Day 23


Your hostess, Ellen Gozeling, writes:

Hi all, hope you all are doing great. For those who are looking forward to springtime: In Holland we had 2 very sunny days in a row. So it was all looking very promising, but today there is a grey sky hoping to break to let the sun been seen. Can you tell I love spring?
Today is day 23: Paper batik.
When I saw this page and the title I was very exited. Very looking forward to know and learn how to create something like the tiles printed in the book.
First I did the daily tangles. Then I made my daily tile, and then.... I got stuck. I don't have a glaze pen, and all other pens I have don't do the job. So there is only one more thing to do: go online and order glaze pens!
Hope you all were able to create wonderful tiles and looking forward to seeing the results. Only to be seen because of the wonderful job Cris is doing on this blog. Thank you Cris!
Happy tangling day, Ellen
Day 23
Thank you, Ellen. I have been enjoying seeing what everyone else is doing also.  
Maria Vennekens writes:
The question on page 74 was to use the two new patterns and make a tangeleation. I used Kathys dilemma to do the last. I don’t think it came out very well. I also tried to use glaze pen and color, but like the examples in the book I did not like the result. So I will not hurt your (and others) eyes with it.
IMG 8222
I doubt it is as bad as she thinks.  I, for one, would still like to see the results. I think one of the most interesting things about seeing other people's art is hearing their opinion on it.  Even so, I have been posting plenty of art that I normally would not, so I completely understand her feelings.  In my case, I cringe, take a deep breath, close my eyes, then click "post."

From Marty Deckel:
Day 23-OZAD Paper Batik, I've attached 2 tiles.  One with today's patterns; Kathy's Dilemma, and a tangleation of Flux...well, I got so carried away with tangleations of Flux and Betweed and Paradox, that I completely forgot about, and left out, Kathy's Dilemma.  In fact I didn't even remember it til I was writing this note!! 
As for part b the Batik/watercolor, I didn't have the right gel pen, so used a white jelly roll pen, which didn't show up well, after I added the watercolors.  I could see it but not very well, so instead of throwing it away, I just went over the pen lines once it was dry, and then there wasn't enough contrast with the watercolors, so I took out my colored pencils and shaded and strengthened some of the colors...interesting to do, but I think I'll invest in a Gel Pen and try again!!
Thanks, and thanks to Ellen for hosting today!
Day  23b OZADDay  23 OZAD
Ooh.  I love both of these.  
From Angela Werner:
 Use Kathy's Dilemma and tangleation of Flux I love these tangles and using "whys" was also fun. It's the Diva's new challenge tangle. I also absolutely had to try Marty Deckel's "buck -eye" perfs :) FUN, FUN, FUN. 

Lesson 23080

Very fun.  Reminds me of Santa's sleigh, all loaded up with tangles for the good little artists.

Finally, last (and least?), here is my contribution.  I was so excited to try the batik technique, I even went out and bought transparent watercolors.  Wouldn't you know it, but I have 3 glaze pens and I can't get ink to come out of any of them.  Talk about frustrating!
Day23 1

So, instead of glaze, I used good old Elmer's glue.  It's didn't turn out as nice as I would have liked, but I think I'm going to do like Marty did and add some colored pencil to punch up the color.  I also tried using this same technique on a larger piece, but it isn't done yet, so I will put it up for Paint Party Friday.  

Also, look for a post later today with some catch-up entries for Day 21 and 22, plus one from my friend Sonya.  If you've read my book, you will see some of her work in there and it is beautiful.

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  1. Maybe it would be a great idea to have the book come with a users-kit. So everyone will have the right glaze pen and not be "frustrated" with trying all kind of different things. I like the glue option. And I will keep the color enhancing as an option too!


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