Wednesday, March 6, 2013

One Zentangle a Day - More from Day 21-23

First, thanks to everyone for sharing your beautiful art. And, thanks also for your patience with me when I don't get everything posted right away and don't have them all sorted "by day."  That would be ideal, but I think it could be a full-time job. If we do another virtual book club, I think 2-3 times a week would be ideal.

Here is Day 21 from Sharon Matys:

Rick's paradox & B'tweed are both quite magical. It was a bit late in the evening when I finally got around to my tile, so not as energetic as I would have liked... wish I had had time to do the sepia tile. They really look nice, especially Marty's... so beautiful.


And from our newest member, Sonya Yencer:

I have so enjoyed reading all of the posts about OZAD and decided to join in the fun. Here is my first submission to the project. It may be Day 22, but better late than never! 
This tile was a challenge to me for 2 reasons. 
First, I am a slow tangler. My goal was to finish this tile during my son's 30 minute violin lesson. Thankfully, the lesson ran 15 min long which allowed me to finish the ink work, but not the shading. Came home and completed the shading. While a 55 min tile may be slow for others, that may be a record for me!
Second, I have never used either of the daily tangles. I really like Tagh, but need to work on the shape. I feel that mine are too long and narrow, preferring the more rounded ends as demonstrated in the book. I found Tat awkward but think, in time, it will be a nice addition to my repertoire. 
I am happy with the contrast achieved in this tile and the use of interesting white space, both characteristics that don't always blossom in my designs. Looking forward to Day 23!
See, I told you her work was gorgeous.
And here is Sharon's Day 22:
"Not really loving the "tagh", liking the "tat" a bit more, just wish I was a bit looser with it."


Like the rest of us, Sharon reported that she was not happy with Day 23.  She said, "Today's tile was a complete disaster… so I'm not submitting." 
However, Maria Vennekens decided to share hers, even though it wasn't her favorite:

Encouraged by your comment I decided to make another try on the glaze pen project and send them both to you.

The first one was done in my Carole Ohl calendar. I used a light pencil string (which shines trough) then the white glaze pen and gave it color with my new inktence pencils and water. The paper does not react well with the water.

IMG 8216


So I made another one using the white glaze direct on a zentangle tile, and added coloring  with aquarel paint. The tile takes the water better.

I admit this one is better but I find it difficult to work with a pen that gives thick lines, like the glaze does. Also you cannot see very well what you have done because the glaze has no color itself. I also have a yellow glaze pen, will try that one and mail you the result later this week.   

IMG 8227

Thanks for sharing, Maria.  I do like both of them.  

Ooh, my mail just beeped, and look what came in. Day 23 from Sonya:
What fun this tile was! Kathy's Dilemma was a new one for me that I will definitely use in the future. So easy! I tend to prefer more organic shapes so anytime I can find a way to add in geometric details that I like, it's a good day. I use Flux frequently as it adds a softness to each design and is a favorite of mine. (I guess I didn't really follow the instructions as mine isn't really a tangleation, but I like it none-the-less.) I also incorporated Tat from yesterday's assignment since I liked it so much. Adding an aura and some shading might even make this count as a tangleation. Overall, happy with the outcome although I still couldn't get it finished in under 50 minutes. Speed is definitely not my strength!
Sonya, speed is overrated.  I teach people that they are supposed to be "deliberate" with their pen, not speedy. Some things just can't be rushed.  This one was definitely worth the wait. 

Looking forward to seeing what is in store for tomorrow.

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