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One Zentangle a Day - Day 25 and More

Friday was supposed to be Day 25, but it seemed that not only was I behind, but several others were as well. 

But, before we get to Day 25, here are some from Day 24:

Maria Vennekens writes:  

Two patterns that I like to use. I am not sure about the Pepper tangeleations’ name. It does not look like pepper at all.  Was this not the patterns that always was used in Maria Thomas’ work, but never had been given a name until about a year ago?  I think it was named Zinger at that occasion???"

IMG 8223

I agree, Maria. It doesn't seem like pepper to me.  In fact, I was at the same class as Beckah and I don't even remember learning that one.  

Sonya Yencer says: 
The author inspired me by her use of Mooka and __(new springily name)__ so I thought I'd give it a try as well. Nice combination, especially when you can connect the "stems" to create flowing plant-like tangles. Tried to squeeze in Striping, but I think it looks somewhat forced. Oh well. Sometimes its the more simple ones that create the greatest challenge for me! Looking forward to gleaning some shading tips from Cris this weekend. While my shading helps this tile, it isn't as strong as it could be. Even with its' flaws and room for improvement, I'm diggin' the design. Now I need to remember to sign it!
OZAD 24 sjy
Sharon Matys contributed:
Took a day off from work today... snow day here in Massachusetts...
a perfect storm… a friday, home safe & sound... a little shoveling & a lot of zentangling... a good day to catch up. I really liked my #24. But is that really a tangleation of pepper?… it was fun, but I'm thinking it's more sedgling-like? I would definitely like to try the color, just can't seem to get to it once I'm finished with the black & white tile… maybe I will just go back & try the color exercises once we're all done.Image

I think I agree with skipping the color exercises, at least for now.  I was so excited to try them, but the ones I've done so far have been so bad, I'm not even going to bother posting them.  They look like kindergarten art.

So, now we're on to Day 25, which I did, but now I can't find. So, in no particular order, we have:
Sonya Yencer:
I was really dreading this tile after reading the 2 required tangles. I do NOT enjoy drawing PokeRoot - never have, probably never will. When I draw PokeRoot, it takes too much planning and always looks forced. I have yet to make it look *natural*. IMO, this tile is no exception. And I'm not thrilled about the tangleation of _____ - too busy. However, after much consideration, I think I drew it too small. Had it been larger, I may actually like it. I will try it that way at another time. Surprisingly enough, I am happy with the final product. It reminds me of a couple of dueling turbans! The shading really brought the ink work to life although I'm still finding it a challenge to make some things pop out and others recede. But it's a far cry from the girl who wouldn't shade ANYTHING about a year ago. Cris really brought me out of my insecure shell over the past 12 months and I'm glad she did.

OZAD 25 sjy2

Maria Vennekens writes:

Day 25 already. Two tangles and use enhancer Perfs. I think I did not have a very creative mood on the day I created this one. Although I like the effect of perfs I hardly ever use them . Must remember in future that they are in my micron.

IMG 8218
Sharon Matys says, "Snow day, tile #2... I do like the perfs, used them on the poke root... fun, fun... will have to keep that in my bag of tricks."
Angela Werner contributes:
Lesson 25 - Use "poke leaf" and "poke root" plus "taghpods" with white and black
perfs - I was a bit uninspired as I started this tile and just decided to do "dyon" like
in the example to see if I could get excited. Nope. It was just an exercise. I never  
really got into it. Maybe having worked on my taxes had something to do with my mood?
Lesson 23084
Finally, since I cannot find mine, we hear from Marty Deckel, who did both parts of the assignment.  Way to go!
Here's my tile for Day #25-OZAD, Friday, 3/8/13.  Actually, my tile is from my sketchbook today...from practicing Taghpodz and Poke Root with black and white Perfs, a Tangle Enhancer.  I just love those perfs!!!  I'm hoping to get to the Ink and Gouache over the weekend...looks like fun.
Welcome Sonya!  Cris was right...beautiful it!!!!!  Looking forward to seeing more and learning
from you.
Day  25 OZAD
With all the snow we're having school, no work etc, I was able to do part 2 of the Day-25 assignment, Gouache and Ink.  First of all, my washes are too dark and the pen doesn't show up in many areas.  Second, the Micron pen had a hard time drawing over the gouache, should have used the Sensei pen, probably.  Third, I tried the "stippling" for shading but definitely did not like how it looked, probably the piece is too small, so I pulled out my colored pencils and did shadows with them.  Fourth, I did not do my highlights with the gouache, I used charcoal pencil and light colored pencils.  Overall, I am not so happy with this ZIA today...will have to give it another try sometime when I have more time to experiment.Day  25b OZAD
Gosh, so many things I didn't notice until they were pointed out to me.  I like this, but not as much as her black and white beauties.
That is it for now.  See you tomorrow with Day 26.

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  1. Sonya's work is awesome and inspiring. Sigh. Someday mine will be worth sharing.


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