Thursday, March 7, 2013

One Zentangle a Day - Day 24 Ink and Watercolor


Well, Day 24 uses two tangles that I've never used before.  This book has been great at getting me out of my comfort zone.  I could never figure out striping, but I gave it my best shot.  


So far, I only have 2 other entries.  The first is from Angela Werner, who writes:

OK, I used "striping" and the rest was from tangles we did before except that I used the Diva's "Whyz"tangle for this week again. You all have to try this. Sooo much fun! I didn't use pepper because I promised myself that anything that looks like "zinger" is just not finding itself in any of my tiles. It's totally overused and gives me indigestion. (sorry if you like it and use it : Just being honest.) 

Lesson 24081


The second is from Marty Deckel:

Here are 2 tiles for OZAD-24 for Thursday, 3/7/13...lesson on Ink and Watercolor.  I did both tiles using the Pigma Sensei pen.  I found it perfomed well in drawing the straight lines, but was very stiff and difficult to draw long graceful lines, and hard to fill in spaces with.  I think I'll keep it for use with the watercolor projects only.  I enjoyed using the watercolors, but forgot to leave any white space, so went back over with the white Jelly Roll for some highlights...that Jelly Roll is it :-)
On a side note...those "Buckeye" perfs are not my idea...I saw them done that way about a year ago...think it was Margaret Bremner's work,  and fell in love with them... but they really belong to Maria, as we will see in the next lesson.  they are Black Perfs, a Tangle Enhancer!  I am enjoying everyones' work and learning soooo much, thank you all!


Day  24 OZADDay  24b OZAD

That's it for now.  With any luck, I'll get more from the Netherlands contingent and Sonya later.  I may even have time to do part 2.  Have a nice day.




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