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One Zentangle a Day - Day 27 and Some Changes

Even though we all love tangling and are totally digging this book club, we've decided to take this book at a more relaxed pace.  Just because it is called One Zentangle A DAY, doesn't mean that we have to do each day's assignment in just one day.  So, we're cutting back to 2 posts a week.  Ellen will still be your Wednesday hostess and I will post over the weekend, probably on Sunday evening.  

Here is the new working schedule for anyone who wants to join in:

Day 27:  3/13

Day 28:  3/17

Day 29: 3/20

Day 30: 3/27

Day 31: 3/31

Day 32: 4/3

Day 33: 4/10 (since I will be away that weekend.)

Day 34: 4/14

Day 35: 4/17

Day 36: 4/21

Day 37: 4/24

Day 38: 4/28

Day 39: 5/1

Day 40: 5/5

Day 41: 5/8

Day 42: 5/12

One more bit of "administration" before we get to Day 27.  I received this note from Angela Werner:

Hi and good-bye to Cris and everyone in our virtual book club. It's been a great experience for me to join you and your work through each lesson. It was great fun even though there were some shared frustrations. But then, that's life, right?

There are always ups and downs. I grew from being with you and I just want to thank you for hosting and or for posting your work. I hope to meet you again through some swap and or other experience. Thank you, Beckah, for writing the book! Thank you, Cris, for posting our work and thanks to the others for sharing your effort!
We're sorry to see you go, Angela, but you can come back at any time if your life permits.
So, Day 27 we were supposed to use meer, enyshou, and reef.  I actually like all of these tangles, but I don't think I would have ever considered putting them in the same piece of art.  However, I did this one while the girls were watching Phantom of the Opera and I tried to draw the beautiful music.  Every once in a while I looked up from my work to get inspiration from the beautiful scenery.  It is my favorite work from this book.
Gosh, once I get around to shading this puppy, I think I will just love it.
From Maria Vennekens:
I am more satisfied with this result (than I was with 26) But it only became interesting when I started shading. As you certainly know shading is so important in a work of zentangle. In this case it was a dull work until I used my pencil.
IMG 8220
Got this from Marty Deckel:

Here's my tile for OZAD-27; water-soluble ink pencils and Meer, Enyshou, and Reef tangles.  I really liked working on these tangle patterns today.  the Inktense pencils, however, are a different story;  i actually threw away my tile!  I used a Pigma pen to draw the tangles on watercolor paper, but when I added the intense color with the water, the ink ran and became muddy, and then it was downhill from there...another one I'll have to go back and try when I have more time.

Day  27 OZAD

I like this one.  I imagine some giant dragon and this is its tail.  Wish I could see the rest of the beast!
Sonya Yencer writes:
I was very stressed yesterday when I lost my tile and had nothing to submit. Even though it was late, I eventually stopped working on client materials (at 11:45pm!) to start a new one until I was literally falling asleep sitting up in bed. Thankfully, it was worth the shortened night's rest. This is MUCH more successful than my first tile  although definitely not a favorite. I found that, in order to be happy with the combination of Meer and Enyshou, I needed to do a tangleation of each. Both have so many stripes that it makes me dizzy to even consider filling in the rest of Meer with the remaining diagonals. By adding sone Crescent Moons, Meer was softened. The pearls inside the "arms" of Enyshou broke up the monotony of the stripes, adding some interest and helping to further define the "arms". There is no love lost between me and Reef. This may be the only tile you will ever see it in. But, again, the book forced me out of my comfort zone and I'm glad I completed the exercise.OZAD 27 sjy2
I absolutely LOVE Sonya's tangleations, especial of Meer.  I am so going to copy that.
And, finally, here is Day 26 from Marty. (I sometimes feel as if I am writing another book instead of a blog post.)
Here's my Day #26 tile; Growth, and Poke Leaf...not my favorite tile, for sure!  Although I really like Poke Root and Poke Leaf, I have trouble with them, still, and I didn't quite get Growth, had a hard time with that one too.  Not sure I'll use that one again, at least not without a lot more practice!  As for part two; Copic marker and color pencils...I don't have any Copic Markers...will have to invest in them.  I've been curious about them for a while now, so the assignment looks interesting for a later date.Day  26 OZAD 
I also think it would be fun to try Copic markers.  Hey, maybe I'll have a class, then I can deduct them as a business expense. Isn't being a CZT great?  
That's all for now.  Look for another book club post Sunday night. Hopefully, everyone will have time to share something for Day 28. Have a great weekend.

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