Sunday, March 17, 2013

One Zentangle a Day - Day 28: Colored Tangled Journaling

Happy St. Patty's Day everyone.  Did you celebrate? We didn't drink any green beer but we did have green smoothies for breakfast.  
We had such a nice weekend, I hate to see it end.  On Friday, we went to a Lindsey Stirling concert. On Saturday, I met 2 delightful ladies at my shading class and everyone went home happy. Alexa looked beautiful and had a wonderful time at the Celtic Ball. Today, we slept in, caught up on some reading, went thrift-store shopping, attended church, and then came home and did some art.  All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. 
I'm not loving my piece, but I did have time to work on some other art that I absolutely do love. (If you don't get my newsletter, subscribe now to see it.)
From Ellen Gozeling:
I LOVE EKE!!!! I really do. I teach it at my 101 class, I use it almost every week in my tangle journal and use it when ever I can. Maybe it's because it's "my" letter, but I just get sooooooooooo happy drawing eke!
And before today's challenge I have never even thought about doing tangelations. But now that I have and have been experiencing all the things I can do, I think I will use it even more and more and more.
The color exercise for today is not for me. I don't have water-soluble oil pastels and didn't find them in my local shop.
Hope you all were able to do the second tile and love to see al the results.
Have a great tangling day!
Day 28

Wow, Ellen. I have never liked eke.  Until I saw you do it.  Now, I will need to rethink that. Very fun tile.

From Maria Vennekens:

Very wise your decision to slow down.

 Day 28, the last day of chapter 4. I think it is obvious most of us like the original idea of only black and white for zentangle. Hardly anyone has tried the suggestions to work with several color materials. In the assignment for today I used some tangeleations of existing patterns.

IMG 8224

I really like that tangleation in the lower left corner.  I love the straight lines combined with the curves. My eye keeps going back to that section.
From Sonya Yencer:
Hmmm. Can't say that I like anything about this tile. While I will probably use Sez in the future, I felt that Eke just looks odd. Maybe I'm drawing it too large and uneven. Maybe I should have filled in the entire space. I'm not sure. All I know is that I thought the tile was okay before I added it. To make matters worse, my highlights on Sez look like eyelashes, adding to the whole eyeball effect I have going on. Ugh. Finally, I have never added in color to any of my tiles and now I know  why. I think I'll stick to black and white for the time being. I don't feel that I've explored it enough and find the color a huge distraction from the line work. Oh well, better luck next time.OZAD 29 sjy
And, last, but not least, here is Marty Deckel's contribution:
Thanks so much for making the revised schedule for our OZAD lessons...much better...I was feeling stressed too!!
Here is my tile for Day #28-OZAD, using Eke, Eke Tangleation, and Sez.  I enjoyed doing this tile, partly because I didn't feel stressed!  :-)
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!
Day  28 OZAD

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