Monday, April 15, 2013

One Zentangle a Day - Day 34 PLUS the Diva Star Challenge


I feel like I am constantly apologizing for sending the OZAD late, but in this case, I think you will agree it was worth the wait, since I just got Sonya's magnificent Zendalas.  She was with me yesterday when a fox got after our chickens and helped us round them up before they were all eaten.  We lost 4, but it could have been so much worse.  After that, I was just too sad to blog.  

And, since the Diva challenge was to use stars, I thought it quite appropriate to combine the two since these very geometric Zendalas are star-like.  At least mine is.

First, here is my star for the Diva Challenge.  



I received it in my goodie bag at Retreat to Paradise. My first thought was to trace it for a pattern.  Duh.  It was meant to be tangled, so I did.  I think it would have been nicer if I painted it first.  Live and learn.  It was a lot harder to tangle on the slopes than I had anticipated.  Not sure I would do this again, even though I like how it turned out. Here it is after using a white charcoal pencil on the flux.


Now, on to the good stuff. Day 34 of One Zentangle a Day has us tangling a very geometric Zendala.  As was the case yesterday, since I am reading on a Kindle, I could not just copy the template.  I did try to recreate it using Genevieve's stencils, but got off on a different direction somewhere in the middle.  


See, an 8-pointed star.  It's not quite done since I haven't shaded it yet, but I think it is pretty nice as is.

Now, in order I received them, are the rest of the participants' lovely work.

First, from Ellen Gozeling:

Day 34. Another Zendala. Love them! And I did 3 again. Black and white, one with cool colors and one with warm colors. Love the first 2 the best. The black/white was not to my liking before the shading. It was bland and the patterns looked too much alike. With the shading the patterns stand out from each other. Better!






Maria Vennekens writes:


At first I made day 34 as always in my calendar using a self designed angular pattern to work in . Although it came out rather satisfying , I also decided to transfer Genevieve’s pattern to a Zendala tile and do that also. Because I did not copy very precise and also used round looking patterns it came out very organic looking.


As you surely expected I did not do the color version.

IMG 8289IMG 8288

And finally, from Sonya Yencer, lots of lovely work:

Even after my first submission for Day 33, I decided to give this string a try even though I definitely didn't like it. When transferring the string from the book to the Zendala, I realized why I didn't like it. The "petals" that radiate around are organic, but the center is very geometric. IMO, there was a distinct disconnect between the 2. For me, in order to move forward, the solution was simple - I changed the string on the center. While I was at it, I decided to do everything off-center, and repeat the string for more of a fabric design feel. Then I was excited about it and moved forward quickly, using a core group of tangles but changing their position so it wasn't just the same thing on each "flower". Very pleased with the flow. Happiest with the center of the full "flower"!


{Love this off-center repeat.  Cool idea}
Day 34:
Today's string was *so* geometric that I decided it would be challenging to see what I could do to make the final product organic. It wasn't in the instructions, but it was fun and I'm pleased with the resulting Zendala.
For the first time I decided to try the color exercise. Too many colors would distract from the penmanship (which is what I love about this type of art) so the palettes are simple. I am happiest with the teal, green and yellow. I'd be curious to know what others think of this!
OZAD 34 gray2
{I was lucky enough to see this in person.  Can you believe it actually looks better in person?!?!?}

OZAD 34 color


OZAD 34 color2


OZAD 34 color3

I really cannot make up my mind which I like the best. I love them all.


  1. As usual, Sonya's work is awesome!!!

  2. Beautiful work. I'm still really intimidated by Zendalas, so I really admire how lovely yours are!

  3. Wow, you've been busy! All beautiful!, I love the subtle colors in the zendalas, but I really like your wooden star especially since I have a similar project to do and am hoping to decorate my star this week.

  4. All of the OZADS are amazing, and your star is wonderful! I'm so sorry about your chickens. I'm glad you were able to save some of them.

  5. Your star is great and all the others are beautifull too.
    Sorry to hear of your chickens, we don't want that to happen to our animals. But, the fox has to eat too. Here in Holland we have a webcam in a nest of a fox, is't so beautiful to look at the mother with her pups. So ..... netaure is a bit weird for us.

  6. Each and every one is a work of art! I love your real life... star!

  7. Very beautiful work on our special 3-D star and all the much accomplished!

  8. Your 3D star is fantastic. All of the work on your site is beautiful. I was very sorry to learn about your chickens.

  9. Like your star Zendala. I agree that it is a challenge to tangle on a 3-D object. You however did a great job. Glad you were able to round up the chickens.

  10. Your Star is gorgeous. Its great to put it into a 3D project. The other drawings in this post are really cool zendalas esspecially the last ones they are so beautiful with so much depth it almost looks like ther are layers popping up out of the paper. Awesome.

  11. It's really wonderful to see everyone's interpretations based on my designs. Thanks everyone!

  12. I was led to your Beautiful Art Blog to see and admire your work ... thank you for you uniqe art it is inspiring and so mystical ... keep on going you are showing so much .... ℒℴνℯ ♥


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