Wednesday, April 17, 2013

One Zentangle a Day - Day 35


From your hostess, Ellen Gozeling:

Day 35: combining organic and geometric tangles in a Zendala.
Well, I have used both. And I know I love geometric patterns, as you can see, I used just a small piece of the string for it.
And for some reason I had to let a big part of the mandala string without a pattern. Just put some shading in it and I does work for me.
Again the coloring was fun. Did 2 different ones and feel like they have transformed the original in different ways. I can still tell it's the same drawing, but the feeling is different. Hope you know what I mean.
Wising you all a great day and look forward to seeing all you work. Cris, again, and I will keep telling you: Amazing job putting the blog on every time!


Thank you, Ellen.  Beautiful work.  Love your echoism.  I never would have thought to use it there.  It really is a nice touch.

Also thanks to Ellen for sending me a scan of the book so I could participate.  As you can see, you almost wouldn't even know we started with the same string! I think mine would look better with some color, but I didn't start it until late and I am tired.  Maybe later…


That is it for Day 35.  I tried to get Birdie to tangle one for us, but she had other priorities.  I did get this late entry for Day 34 from Marty Deckel:

I used colored pencils on my tile and am not very happy with it...too many colors and part of the problem was the paper i used...afraid to put any heavy watercolor paper, or anything other than what it calls for, in my home printer and jam it up!   I found these quite challenging because they had to be enlarged, copied, then copied again.  I will try the techniques on regular tiles at some point, though.
Loved everyones work for this lesson!!!!!
Day  34 OZAD

Day  34b OZAD

Lovely work, as usual.  I agree with Marty about loving everyone's Zendalas.  What is it about a Zendala that makes it turn out so beautiful?  Any ideas?


  1. The first thing that springs to mind is the symmetry - maybe it's because Mandalas express balance?
    Paula (PEP)

  2. Beautiful work! I love mandalas because of the mathematical symmetry (OK, I'm a math geek).


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