Monday, April 22, 2013

One Zentangle a Day - Day 36

We've made it to the final chapter of the books!  Is it time to start thinking of another book to do or should we take a break.  Our numbers seem to be dwindling.  I don't know if it is because the outdoors beckons with beautiful weather (and yard work) or if people are just getting tired of the book.  I'm not even sure what it is for me!

The daily tangles were Zander and stickers.  I love zander, but have never tried it using her steps.  I decided against stickers.  I don't like poke root and that one does not appeal at all.

To me, Zander looks like hair pulled into elastic and I guess I got carried away with that in my tile.  Very carried away. I even connected it with the Za that was going to be the border to a super long pony tail.  Of course, it needed a feather for our baby chicks that died.  This is not my favorite tile, but the "tangle fairy" came while it was in the bag and it looks better than it did last night.



From Ellen Gozeling:

In the book there is an example of a tile that is overworked. And what did I do? I started with making my Zander really small. Using it like Hollibaugh and filling the blank spaces with pearls. Overworked! Then I did the same with the pearls in the corner. Not one of my favorites. But again a good exercise and a nice and quiet hour.

Day 36

I don't think it is overworked.  I think there is a nice balance of lights and darks.  But a good hour tangling is always a good thing, even when we aren't thrilled with the results.

From Marty Deckel:

Here are my 2 tiles for Day 36-OZAD: Creating Ensembles. The first tile tangles are Zander and Stickers.  The second is a 4-tile Ensemble.  Only OK, not too happy with the string...and it's too symmetrical, although, I did enjoy the tangles I used.
Day  36 OZAD
Day  36b OZAD

I see what she means about the symmetry.  I love each of the individual tiles, beautiful work as always.  I'd like to see it with the tiles switched around a bit.  Hey, I have Photoshop.  Let's see what I can do…

Day  36b 2 OZAD

Well, I like it a bit better this way. But I like it either way.  Such beautiful purk and pais.  Lovely shading also.  I'm glad someone did the ZIA part.  

IMG 8303

Lastly, here is Maria Vennekden's Zendala for Day 35.  Somehow the internet ate the attachment and she had to resend it.  Lovely work.



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