Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One Zentangle a Day - Catching Up

Here are some contributions that I missed posting over the past few days.  I will post Day 18 tomorrow. (So far, I have work from Sharon and Angela only.)

From Maria Vennekens:  Day 14 & Day 16

-          16: I made the exercise in my calendar and on several colored papers from the same size as the square in the calendar. The darker ones are not my favorite. The pencil shading gets so shine on them.

-          17: The patterns are Vitrivius –hardly ever use that and do not really like it, Courant – hardly use that one but should in future – I like it , and Sedgling – a tangle I like to use.  The text today is also  about Tangled Journaling. I do not use a separate book to do that, nor do I purposely chose patterns to a certain feeling or occasion. But there are several tiles in my collection that are connected with certain feelings or things that happened in my life. I can remember them even though I never write these things on the back. Just by looking at the zentangle the occasion  is in my mind again.  


IMG 8204

IMG 8205

IMG 8206

IMG 8208

From Angela Werner, Day 16:

Because I don't have any ATCs at home and because tangling on colored tiles doesn't appeal to me, 

I used "Earl Grey" tea plus some water colors to create an "Organic Patterns" little painting on a regular
Zentangle tile. I'm sending a scan of the four versions of the tile because in true Zentangle fashion, this one
works from any direction. I LOVE this tile. I don't say that with pride but from a humble place. I couldn't
design such a tile. Zentangle made it happen. I love feeling like I'm up on a tree looking down at an oasis
where I could be quite happy...


Tea painting 4069Tea painting 066

This is a perfect example of a gorgeous Zentangle that has no up or down, left ro right.  LOVE it.

From Marty Deckel: Day 17 - 

Here's OZAD-17, Curvy and Linear Geometric Patterns Combined. I used all three tanlges and added Tipple.  I actually had never done Sedgling, Courant, or Vitruvius...had fun learning and using these new tangles patterns today!  And I just love all the OZAD-16's today, nice job everyone!!!!

Day  17 OZAD

Well, that is everything I have up to Day 18.  
See you tomorrow.

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