Wednesday, February 27, 2013

One Zentangle a Day - Day 18: Curvilinear Geometric Patterns - Plus use Gneiss, Cadent, Huggin

I've started this post 3 times and it keeps getting lost.  So, no prose from me, just pictures.

Sharon Matys:

"Cadent and Huggins are definitely fun... not sure they work that great in this tile, I had a hard time pulling it all together... it's not very flowy...  huggins is kinda just sitting out there, taking up space... oh well... there's always the next OZAD."


Angela Werner:

OK, I'm more of an organic, non-geometric style person though there are some geometric
 designs that I do love like Rick's paradox! Having said that, here is my effort.I included the 
barrel distortion part of the lesson with the star in the center. I liked doing parts of this tile
like the star in the center and my new tangles from Cris's book - Sinuous and Crewelery!
What fun tangles! I like tangles that have a whimsical twist! I did cadent and huggins for the 
first time here... I guess it shows. :)

Day 18074

Ellen Gozeling:

Day 18

Marty Deckel:

sending OZAD-18 Curvilinear Geometric Patterns.  Not so happy with my tile today...not sure how to incorporate Gneiss (which I have never done before).  I included Ynix, a bit of Knightsbridge, a very little bit of Bales, and an even smaller bit of Chillon and Crescent Moon.  Everytime I look at it, I think of the Wizard of OZ,  they look like hot air balloons over Kansas  :-)

Day  18 OZAD

And, finally, mine.  Another "blah"  

Day 18


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  1. Great work, everyone! I am still lagging behind, but want to add my blog link for day 18.


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