Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One Zentangle a Day - Day 17: Curvy & Linear Organic tangles

Ugh.  I'm back to making ugly again. Vitrivius, Courant, and Sedgling were the day's tangles. I tried them and I don't like them.  They are just not me, as you can see.

Day 17

I think I will not be using these again.

Sharon Matys had a different experience:

"Curvy & Linear Organic tangles are definitely my cup of tea... I love how all these work together. I really liked how her tile in the book on page 61 was landscape-like. So I decided to follow the same look, using the same tangles in that order. I love how the sedgling look very tree-like. When I do the tangles in each lesson, I always reference Rick & Maria's 106 tangles... they used a dot pattern on the sedgling, so I went along with that also... it was fun using some printemps to complement the rest... I enjoyed this."


Angela had a similar reaction to mine:

Oh, boy. Not a favorite tile at all. I decided to use Hollibaugh as my string and decorate the spaces with the required tangles. Bad idea. I also filled some spaces with black which I thought was too strong for the tile. So, out came the white gel pen which is NOT white but BLUE ! What a mess. This one will take a hike to the recycle bin after sending it in as my lesson :(

Day 17071

While I can relate to the sentiment, I hope Angela does not throw out this tile. I kind of like it.  I like to keep all of my tiles.  If for no other reason, to look back and say, "Wow, I'm so much better now."  Anyhow, I don't think it's a bad tile. Just not to Angela's personal taste. I'm sure someone out there would like it.  I really do like using Hollibaugh as the string.

Maria Vennekens had this to say:

The patterns are Vitrivius –hardly ever use that and do not really like it, Courant – hardly use that one but should in future – I like it , and Sedgling – a tangle I like to use.  The text today is also  about Tangled Journaling. I do not use a separate book to do that, nor do I purposely chose patterns to a certain feeling or occasion. But there are several tiles in my collection that are connected with certain feelings or things that happened in my life. I can remember them even though I never write these things on the back. Just by looking at the zentangle the occasion  is in my mind again.  

IMG 8208


I'm looking forward to seeing what others can do with these tangles.


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It seems that I am constangly apologizing for writing late posts. This one actually was done on time, but I somehow posted it as a draft, so you couldn't see it. Aargh. I've only gotten one post for Day 18, so I will probably wait until tomorrow for that. It seems like everyone is getting busy. I hope no one is losing their enthusiasm for the project.

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