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One Zentangle a Day - Day 19: Geometric Rectilinear Patterns

It's Wednesday [Thursday. Sorry, Ellen] again, so hi all! Hope you are still managing to keep up with all the work Beckah gives us. I have to admit that I haven't finish day 18 yet, because I have been dealing with the flu for the past few days.
And maybe you can see that in my tile for day 19. First I have to say I love these patterns. But for some reason I don't yes them so much. Well, maybe after today they will keep appearing in my work.
I like the outcome of the tile, even after I got a bit carried away with drawing support lines. I kept crossing them for Cubine instead of keeping some lines for Beeline. But there was a small place at the border of my string so I decided to ad Beeline. I know there is no Zentangle Police, but I did wanted to use all 3 patterns. And the finished tile makes me smile between coughing and sneezing.
Hope you all have an amazing tangling day.
Day 19
From Maria Vennekens:

Day 19: It was hard to just keep to these linear patterns. I gave myself the freedom  to make beeline and cubine somewhat rounded. Normally I word have used some organic patterns to it to get some flowing lines in the piece. But sometimes it is good to do something you would not do normally.

IMG 8210

From Angela Werner:

OZAD 19 - Rectilinear Patterns - use Rain, Cubine and Beeline and any other patterns… - Well, I went into this lesson feeling like there was no way I could possibly combine these patterns and be happy with them together. But, I reserved judgement and barreled ahead thinking I could bring in something ROUND to give the composition some VARIETY, I might like the end result. Well, I do enjoy my tile even though"betweed" does not qualify as rectilinear... I must say that "beeline " is a pleasant surprise. It's very interesting and I have always loved "rain" even though Idon't use aura generally when I do rain. I think it's more delicate without it. 

Lesson 19076

From Sharon Matys:

This day #19 assignment is the total opposite of my usual work. I tend to shy away from the high contrast & the tiles that require coloring in. It's just not my style. I prefer the linework & lightness of other tangles. As many of us are starting to voice, I think these assignments are forcing us to create tiles that aren't natural to us. It's taking away the intuitive nature of the zentangle method. But I do believe we're still learning & growing. And that's the reason for doing this… so kudo's to us all for breaking out of our comfort zone.



From Marty Deckel:

The patterns used are Rain, Cubine, Beeline and Flukes.  All of them i have done before, and I like them all, especially Rain, although you'd never know it from my tile today.  I really enjoy learning new tanglenhancers too, today's was especially challenging, it didn't work well on the Rain, but better on the Flukes.  Sometimes, most times, I work in my sketchbook and the patterns and sketches come out great, but as soon as I sit down with a tile lately, I draw a blank...

Day  19 OZAD

Wow, don't you love what everyone did with these tangles?  I love all of the variations of rain.  I never would have thought of them.  That is one of my favorite things about this "book club."  What is yours?

Finally, here is my Day 19.  Like a lot of you, I really wanted to introduce some curves to this piece.  I wondered how I would do drawing them inside a very curvy string, so I started with this:


I had fun with this one and just let everything flow.  I worked on this one at Birdie's karate class and had to stop before I was finished. But when I got home, I liked it the way it was, so I just shaded it and pronounced it done.  This was a fun day for me.





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  1. I thought day 19 was a fun challenge! Love all the different interpretations here, and dewdrops, too. Have a look at my blog if you like:


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