Friday, February 15, 2013

OZAD 10 - part 2

I'm still in "catch-up" mode.  Here are two from Maria Vennekens from yesterday's Day 10 lessons.

The patterns for today all are fun to do. By following Becka’s book I rediscovered Flukes, which is a really interesting pattern. I had forgotten that I knew that one.

IMG 8181

Here is the second work that is suggested on day ten: using different pens in foreground and background.

I used a 01 and a 005. The difference is to small maybe – I do not see much difference. Also by introducing this kind of drawing techniques we get away from Zentangle I think.  People could get uncertain about what pen to use, where to have the light source to produce shade etc.  And wasn’t Zentangle designed for everyone, especially for those who have two left hands (and no knowing of ) drawing techniques?

IMG 8202

I agree that the difference is subtle, but I like having both pens to choose from.  I like to use my .005 pen for very fine lines, like in Paradox and sometimes when I am drawing auras.

As far as drawing techniques, I agree these are not for beginners. But it is nice to have that option for those who want to go further. Once we've awakened someone's inner artist, they may get frustrated because they don't have the knowledge to improve their art. That is the reason I wrote my book on shading.

This is an interesting topic.  What do the rest of you think?  Please comment.



  1. I agree with both of you: Zentangle doesn't need extra technique AND people who were sure they couldn't draw and discovered their creativity with Zentangle might want to take it an extra step.

    1. Zen tangle "awakened" my inner artist and the details and techniques introduced in this book "feed" her...

  2. I think there is a need for both - with the extra discussions this Virtual Club is providing & the various thoughts from your contributing tanglers I'm seeing different viewpoints & really appreciating both the simplicity & the depth - it seems to be somehow emerging in a two-fold fashion. I'm clearing my commitments so I can start to practise OZAD but in the meantime your posts are giving much food ......... especially when I end up in bed with yet another migraine (trying to regain stability after a very nasty virus).
    Thanks for this gem.
    Paula (PEP)

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts as well. Feel better.


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