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OZAD Day 10: Lessons from a Landscape

Before we get into today's book discussion, I have a request for everyone who is emailing me your information.  Can you please use the following as the subject:

OZAD-xx  where xx is the day your mail is about.  

So, if you are sending things for day 11, please just use the subject: OZAD-11.   If you are sending two days, please use both days, like OZAD-10 OZAD-11 without any commas or anything else. It will make it easier to find your mail in my inbox.  Thanks so much.

In Day 10, Beckah gives information about creating depth in our Zentangles the same way one would in painting a landscape, by making the objects in the foreground larger, darker, and more clearly defined than those in the background.  I must be feeling very literal this week, because I made tiny tangled landscape in my sketchbook.  


I did appreciate the advice on using different pen sizes. For this one I used Faber-Castell PITT artist pens (S, F, and B), a sharpie, and a micron .005. To be honest, I just grabbed a pile from the basket on my desk and made do with those rather than getting up to look for the "right" ones. 

Can you see the freshly plowed hills, the meandering steam, and something seriously odd going on in the sky?  Does anyone want to see it in color?

From Angela Werner:

I had fun learning echoism and flukes but I don't think finery will be in my bag of tricks. Maybe I'll change my mind as I have often done during these exercises after seeing what others have done. 

Lesson 10056

I felt the same way Angela did about finery until I saw the way Shelly Beauch does it.  Look here and here and here.

Sharon Matys:

I didn't have a Micron 005 pen, so I guess I'll have to invest in one... I do appreciate fine lines, so I will look forward to being able to do that. I'm not sure about my decision to leave those two open holes... maybe one would have worked better... oh well. But I am really surprised that it does have a landscape quality to it... I guess it's mostly due to a somewhat rolling field or hill effect from Finery.


That is some mighty fine finery.  I like the circles in the middle and the curviness.  I think that really adds a lot to this tangle.

From a wet and cold Holland Ellen sends wishes for a  happy Valentines day. She also writes:
This afternoon I will start a valentine-mandala with lots of red, pink and purple. And with my candles burning, the day might seem warm ;)
For day 10: I loved playing with depth and distance. Not completely sure I managed it with Finery, but please with the results of Echoism and Flukes. The last 2 tangles I use a lot, because of the depth effect.

Day 10

Cool tangleation of echoism, Ellen.

Marty Deckel shares this:

Here is Day#10...I included the very, very, rough sketches from my sketchbook.  Loved using 2 different sizes and seeing the tonal changes in the patterns, hadn't done that before!  I used both size pens in my tile, but it's not as effective as the sketches.  Really enjoyed the lesson, and plan on using both sizes again!!Day  10 sketches pen tip sizesDay  10 OZAD

Oops, somehow I missed Marty's beautiful tangle. That would be a shame. I really love the flow on this one.
Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day. 
Tonight I am off to another concert. That makes 3 this week. On Monday, I heard the talented ensembles showing off before Solo and Ensemble contest on Saturday, last night was Marron Five, and in about an hour, I will get to hear the flute students show off their solos before Solo and Ensemble on Saturday. Good luck to everyone competing.

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