Friday, February 15, 2013

OZAD Day 11: Auras and Rounding

In day 11, there are no new tangles to use, but we are assigned to enhance some tangles with auras and rounding.  I love both of these techniques, but often forget to use them.  Here are contributions from Maria, Sharon, and Ellen. 

From Maria Vennekens:

The Aura technique is something that I hardly use . It does something to the depth of the drawing though. I must remember that and use it more often. ( I can see I did this ‘tile’ in the early morning in a bit of a hurry)

IMG 8182

From Sharon Maty's

These lessons are just great reminders of all the different techniques, enhancements, etc. that are available to us as tanglers. I rarely use auras & have never tried rounding... they will both be in my "toolbox" from now on. Beckah suggested challenging us to use a pattern we rarely use... that's mooka. I will have to keep practicing that one. I think the potential is there, I'm just not getting it or enjoying it yet. I also did this one without a string... another challenge for me! Happy Valentine's Day to all..


From Ellen Gozeling:

 I liked working with the auras and filling them with another tangle. I never have thought about doing this! Thanks Beckah.

Day 11

 I am still trying to catch up.  Look for my work in a post on Sunday night.  Have a great weekend everyone.

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